In this age of email newsletters and RSS readers, we have access to enormous amounts of information. There are few tools to help manage this information. Readeroo is a simple Firefox plugin that lets you "queue up" articles you might not have the time to read now, and then access them later (the name comes from "Reader" and "Queue"). It is powered by del.icio.us.


How It Works

Monday morning...
You get into work, ready to start a new week. Browsing through the mornings newest RSS feeds, you discover some interesting articles about Sparta, programming, and The Hold Steady.
You don't have time to read them now, so you click Readeroo's "Add" button to put these articles in your Readeroo queue. (If you aren't already logged into delicious, you will be prompted to do so).
The articles are added to delicious with the "toread" tag, anxiously awaiting a time when they can have the attention they deserve.
Sunday morning...
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you have a calm Sunday morning to catch up on some reading.
You click Readeroo's "Read" button to retrieve the last item you added to the queue.
Doing so tags the item as "donereading" in delicious, so it won't appear again (but it is still available in delicious).


  • Readeroo will install into your Firefox navigation bar by default. You can move the Readeroo buttons to anywhere you want by right-clicking your navigation bar and selecting the "Customize..." option. This will let you drag the Readeroo buttons (or any other Firefox buttons) to wherever you like.
  • You can change the del.icio.us tags ("toread" and "donereading") by going into the Readeroo options menu.
  • Readeroo is completely driven by the tags, so you could use any tool to add an article to delicious. As long as its tagged "toread", it will appear in Readeroo
  • I've noticed that del.icio.us' API sometimes has a slight delay, so it might take a few minutes for an item you added to the queue to show up again.
Changes for Version 0.2
  • BUG FIX: Existing tags are no longer deleted when an existing item is re-added
  • BUG FIX: All "toread" items are retrieved by Readeroo (instead of 15 items at a time)
  • FEATURE: Added an option to sort items forward, backwards or randomized
  • FEATURE: Items can be deleted from delicious instead of marked "donereading"
  • FEATURE: Items can be marked "private" in delicious
  • FEATURE: Compatible with Firefox 3


You can find me on del.icio.us, user monsur. Please send any questions or comments to .